What Is Verbiage? | Definition, Meaning & Examples

Verbiage is a noun referring to excessive or technical use of words. It usually has a negative connotation.

It’s also used in a more neutral sense to refer generally to the manner or style of written or spoken words. This usage is more common in US English than UK English.

Examples: “Verbiage” in a sentence
The first draft of Jim’s speech was full of verbiage, so he rewrote it.

The verbiage of the book hid the fact that it was not very original.

I couldn’t understand the contract because it was full of technical verbiage.

Verbiage vs. verbage

“Verbage” is sometimes used to mean something similar to verbiage, but “verbage” is generally not regarded as a real word by dictionaries, and it’s best to avoid it.

Examples: Verbiage vs. verbage
  • Recipe blogs should be concise and not full of verbage.
  • Recipe blogs should be concise and not full of verbiage.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a synonym of “verbiage”?

There are numerous synonyms for the two meanings of verbiage.

Excessive use of language Manner/style of language
Circumlocution Diction
Diffuseness Language
Long-windedness Phrasing
Redundancy Style
Verboseness Syntax
Verbosity Turn of phrase
Windiness Wording
How do I pronounce “verbiage”?

Verbiage has three syllables. It’s pronounced with emphasis on the first syllable: [ver-bee-ij].

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