Dupuytren’s Contracture

What Is Dupuytren’s Contracture?

Dupuytren’s contracture is a condition that results in deformed hands due to knots that form underneath your skin. Eventually, these knots become thick cords of tissue that “pull” your fingers into a bent position, thereby preventing them from straightening. It most often affects the ring and little fingers but can actually be experienced in any finger. This condition is sometimes referred to as Dupuytren’s disease, Celtic hand, or Viking disease.

What Is the Cause of Dupuytren’s Contracture Syndrome?

The exact cause of Dupuytren’s contracture is not known; however, it is believed to result from an autoimmune disorder that causes the body to attack its own tissues.

What Are the Symptoms of Dupuytren’s Contracture?

The first sign of Dupuytren’s contracture is a thickening of skin on the palm of your hand. Eventually, your skin may appear dimpled, and cords may be felt through the skin. You may also experience bent fingers that cannot be straightened, leaving you with a crooked appearance.

What about Injections for Dupuytren’s Contracture?

Xiaflex Injection is FDA approved for the treatment of Dupuytren’s, and often times is covered by insurance. During your consultation, Dr. Humphrey will determine if you are a candidate for the Xiaflex Injection and discuss the insurance portion with you.

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“God has blessed the work of his [Dr. Humphrey] hands. I am very blessed and pleased with the results. I am equally blessed with the kindness, understanding, and sincere professionalism I not only received from Dr. Humphrey but from his staff as well. A team of phenomenal individuals. Thank you!”

“Had such a great experience! Everything from the consultation to follow-up appointments was amazing! The staff is so pleasant and wonderful and I was always informed of the next steps 🙂 Would definitely recommend Dr. Humphrey!”

“I cannot thank Dr. Humphrey and staff enough for the outstanding service. My results are better than I ever imagined. 10/10 recommend him for any and all cosmetic needs! ❤️”

How Is Dupuytren’s Contracture Surgery Performed?

This procedure is performed under regional or general anesthesia and involves an incision at the base of the affected finger(s). Cords underneath the skin are then cut away to release the tension holding the finger into position. Severe cases may also require skin grafting to create more flexibility in the hands and finger, especially when a great deal of tissue must be removed.

Is Dupuytren’s Contracture Surgery Right for Me?

If you are experiencing extreme discomfort or have lost the use of one or more fingers due to Dupuytren’s contracture, surgery performed by Dr. Humphrey can help you regain use.

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What Does Dupuytren’s Contracture Surgery Cost?

Dupuytren’s contracture surgery is usually covered by insurance. For self-pay patients, the exact cost will be provided to you after you have undergone an examination. To make Dupuytren’s Contracture surgery as affordable as possible, we provide you with a number of payment options, including cash, personal check, major credit card, and financing with CareCredit®.

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