What competencies does Scribbr expect editors to demonstrate in the Academy?

In the Academy, we expect editors to demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Core language editing skills. Academy editors must consistently apply grammar and language rules.
  • Knowledge of Scribbr’s style guidelines. Incoming editors must also demonstrate an ability to consistently apply Scribbr’s style guidelines.
  • Ability to preserve each student’s unique writing voice. Incoming editors must strike an appropriate balance between editing thoroughly and avoiding overediting.
  • Ability to provide meaningful feedback. Advice for students should be clear, polite, relevant and constructive.
  • Ability to perform the Structure Check and Clarity Check. In addition to the basic editing and proofreading service, Scribbr offers two add-on services: the Structure Check and the Clarity Check. In the Academy, you’ll learn what these services include and how to perform them.

Additionally, during the Academy period, you’ll become familiar with Scribbr workflows, resources, and expectations. This knowledge will help you to work more confidently.