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The Cape Medical Spa & Boutique has been a lifelong dream. I started my young career as an Active Duty Airman (USAF). I had the unique opportunity to work as a combat medic and the love of service took root. I have worked in healthcare in some capacity for the past 30 years as a licensed counselor and Executive. I also have a passion for art and shopping. I took the things I love and opened, The Cape Spa and Boutique.

The heart of service is instilled in our family. Brian served as a firefighter and now owns a custom Harley Davidson business. Our blended family shares 8 children and soon to be granddaughter. Our two oldest sons have carried on the service tradition. Blaine serves as a Police Officer in VA and Dillan is Active Duty Air Force. Kaitlyn serves as the worship drummer and will soon open her dream business once our beautiful granddaughter is born. Caroline recently graduated college/ROTC and will be commissioned in the Air Force. Lauren and Olivia are both sophomores in college. And our youngest, Dawson and Jaden are both Juniors in high school. This dream only became a reality when I felt the tremendous support of my family and friends.

Thank you for supporting our family as we serve yours.


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