Can I add an additional document to my order?

When placing your order, you can upload additional documents (e.g. guidelines, feedback from your supervisor, or a PDF version of your converted LaTeX file). Your editor will be able to view these documents.

If you have received language-related criteria, then the editor can make sure your paper meets these requirements. If your supervisor has provided other criteria, then your editor can take these into account and make sure you won’t receive advice that contradicts these requirements.

Note: It is often more useful to summarize your feedback or criteria than to upload lengthy documents. The more information you provide, the less detailed feedback your editor can provide to the questions that are most relevant to you.

After you’ve placed your order, it’s not possible to change your text or the additional documents through your user profile.

But, you can just email [email protected], attaching the additional document. Our support team will then forward the document to the editor.

If the editor is already almost finished or the deadline is near, the editor will not be able to consider the additional file.